Law, Peace, and Violence: Interdisciplinary Approaches to a Jurisprudence of Nonviolence

Friday, October 12, 2012
Harvard Law School
Langdell South


  • Yxta Murray – Loyola Law School Los Angeles
  • Angela Harris – UC Davis School of Law
  • Carrie Menkel-Meadow – Georgetown Law
  • Tucker Culbertson – Syracuse University College of Law
  • Julie Mertus – The School of International Service at American University
  • Allegra McLeod – Georgetown Law

On the Legal Left

A conversation on the rise of the American legal left, its present standing, and its future prospects

March 5, 2012


  • Jeanne Charn
  • Karl Klare
  • Janet Halley
  • Libby Adler
  • Aziza Ahmed
  • Duncan Kennedy, moderator

Afghanistan: The Good War?

Tariq Ali on US foreign policy in the Hindu Kush, with an introduction by Duncan Kennedy

March 16, 2009
The People Speak 
A screening of “The People Speak,” a documentary inspired by “A People’s History of the United States.” Presented with the Harvard Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild
February 23, 2010

The Public Interest Establishment: A Genealogy

A critical discussion on the construction and state of “the public interest”

Andrew Chapin, Public Interest Resource Center, Fordham University School of Law
Franklin Romeo, Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Jeffrey Trachtman, Kramer Levin
Jeanne Charn, Harvard Law School
Moderated by Duncan Kennedy

April 13, 2009

Financial Crisis! Radical Potential and Voices from the Left

Critical-left politicians, activists, and academics discuss the financial crisis, critique the mainstream response, and offer alternative visions


Michael Hudson, chief economic policy advisor for the Kucinich for President campaign

Steve Meacham, City Life / Vida Urbana

Councilor Chuck Turner, Boston City Council

Gary Dotterman, Director of the Center for Marxist Education

Moderated by Christine Desan

December 1, 2008

Slavoj Žižek, The Neuronal Trauma, or, The Living Dead of Global Capitalism & Mladen Dolar, Freud and the Political

March 14, 2008

Confronting Empire: Five Years of War in Iraq

A Series of Lectures and Events at the Harvard Law School, March 17-19, 2008

On Empire & (Re)Colonization in the Middle East
Hamid Dabasi, Columbia University
Roger Owen, Harvard University
Duncan Kennedy, Harvard Law School, Moderator
March 17, 2008, 5 pm

Resisting Empire
Catherine Lutz, Brown University
Karma Nabulsi, Oxford University
March 17, 2008, 7 pm

Accumulation through Crisis: Global Stagflation and the New Wars
Jonathan Nitzan, York University
Talha Syed, Harvard Law School, Discussant
March 18, 2008, 3 pm

Empire and Nation-Building
Noah Feldman, Harvard Law School
Duncan Kennedy, Harvard Law School
March 18, 2008, 5 pm

US Foreign Policy & Intervention in the Middle East
Irene Gendzier, Boston University
Howard Zinn, Historian and Author
March 19, 2008, 12 pm, Austin Hall, North Classroom

Iraq in Fragments
Screening of James Longley’s Iraq in Fragments, 2007 Oscar Nominee
Faras Adel, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Discussant
March 18, 2008, 7 pm

Presented in conjunction with HLS Peace, Justice for Palestine at HLS, & National Lawyers’ Guild at HLS. Co-Sponsored by Association for Justice in the Middle East and the KSG Arab Caucus

Beyond Coercion: Radical Voices on Sex Work, Feminism and the Law

Eliyanna Kaiser, Executive Editor, $pread Magazine
Janet Halley, Professor, Harvard Law School
Libby Adler, Professor, Northeastern Law School
Charito Suarez, TransCEND, Cambridge Cares About AIDS
Sapna Patel, Staff Attorney, Sex Workers Project, Urban Justice Center, NYC
April 16, 2008

Precipitate Decline in U.S. Power and Its Legal Implications: A Talk by Immanuel Wallerstein

A talk on the waning power of the U.S. in the modern world system

Opening remarks by Lauren Coyle and Duncan Kennedy.

April 12, 2007

Resistance and the Law

A symposium on radicalism, extremism, legitimacy, co-optation

March 16-17, 2007

Opening Remarks // Panel — Activism Within and Without the Law

  • Opening remarks by Nate Ela, Harvard Law School
  • Panel — Activism Within and Without the Law
    • Balakrishnan Rajagopal, MIT
    • Julieta Lemaitre, Harvard Law School
    • Lucie White, Harvard Law School
    • J. Soffiyah Elijah, Harvard Law School (commentator)
    • Richard Heppner, Harvard Law School (moderator)

Panel — Politics of the Past: Imagining Legal Realities

  • Panel — Politics of the Past: Imagining Legal Realities
    • Anna di Robilant, Harvard Law School
    • Havva Guney, Harvard Law School
    • Duncan Kennedy, Harvard Law School (discussant)
    • Christine Desan, Harvard Law School
    • Hedayat Heikal, Harvard Law School (moderator)

Panel — Whose Streets? Urban Spaces Resist

  • Panel — Whose Streets? Urban Spaces Resist
    • Yishai Blank, Tel Aviv Law School
    • Myrta Morales-Cruz, University of Puerto Rico School of Law
    • Rick Su, University at Buffalo Law School
    • Vaidya Gullapalli, Harvard Law School (moderator)
  • Closing Remarks
    • Duncan Kennedy, Harvard Law School
    • Zinaida Miller, Harvard Law School