Submissions for Special 2015 issue of Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left

Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left is currently accepting short submissions for its special 2015 issue on the work of Duncan Kennedy. Submissions should employ, be informed by, engage with, reflect on, or in some way be related to Duncan Kennedy’s contributions to legal scholarship. Recommended length is 1000-1500 words. Written submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word, with footnote citations, to Submissions for the special 2015 issue should be received by June 15, 2015. Works received after June 15, 2015 will be considered for future issues.

Unbound seeks to undo the traditional hierarchies of the student-edited legal journal. To that end, writers are responsible for their own citations, and student editors will provide substantive feedback on the arguments made. We’re interested in intellectual interaction – not housekeeping for authors. We welcome submissions in a wide variety of forms, from relatively traditional law review articles to shorter essays and even personal narratives of legal experience. The tone can be personal and reflective, cool and analytical, heated and polemical, or whatever else serves your purposes. While at times we will have issues built around a particular theme, we may also choose to publish on a rolling basis, as we receive and edit submissions. If you have an idea for an article that is not yet complete, feel free to contact us to discuss upcoming issues, themes, and deadlines. We welcome submissions by e-mail. Please send them in Microsoft Word format, with footnote citations, to